Blue sky,sea,me


 No umbrellas on the beach, no suffocating weather,no crowded place,the beach is almost empty,there are only a few people around: a family spending some time together,two lovers  smiling and chasing each other and a little girl playing with her dad giggling while he throws her in the air . Everyone looks so happy, you can see it on their face. It looks like the sea has superpowers:it can make you forget everything and gives you that inner peace that cities usually take away from you.

I start starring at the water,it is so hypnotising,suddenly everything around me disappeares and all I sea is blue:the sky and the sea. It looks like a painting.I close my eyes and I escape into my world,I don’t hear anything else but the sound of the waves and my breaths suddenly follow their rhythm,inhale- exhale ,wave after wave. One wave takes a little of my sorrows,my worries and  the pain away while another one fills the empty spaces,bringing peace. It feels like the storm’s finally gone,all I feel is the calm and a warm sunshine touching my skin and the wind playing with my hair…and I feel nothing.

For me,the sea is always the right play to escape to,the right place to see, to feel,to be. Nature can give you so many answers if you only learn how to listen to it,it teaches you that you can’t control everything,that things aren’t as bad as they seem to you ,that you have to take a deep breath sometimes and just live the moment and stop worrying so much about nothing,eventually everything will go as it has to,just let it be.









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