White morning


It was the first day of March and I thought winter was already gone,I was waiting for spring to come.When I woke up  I couldn’t believe my eyes: everything was covered by a beautiful white coat of snow,the whole city was covored in white. I suddenly felt like I was five  years old  again waking up on  Christmas day. I got as excited as I used to be when I was a child. I was starring at the window , watching the snow falling down,hypnotised by the the view and I couldn’t stop smiling. I went on the terrace and played  with the snow at 6 in the morning ,  without shoes and still in my red hearted pyjamas. I know,I’m pretty crazy! It usually takes me a while in the morning to get up,but that morning I jumped out of the bed before I knew it had snowed.

I have been living in this city for almost eleven  years now and I don’t remember when it was the last time I saw so much snow here.

I changed my clothes  and I went out. I usually  feel the cold in my bones and I always complain about it , but this time,even though I couldn’t feel my fingers and I was frozen,all I could feel was joy and I almost forgot about everything else while I was walking on the street,listening to music and looking around ,watching  the  people enjoying the beautiful moment ,walking alone under their umbrella or some kids playing and making snowmen , others laughing and throwing snowballs . I just love to see  people smiling and enjoying little things and having fun  . It was just a simple snowfall but I can say it was like a piece of a winter fairytale… except it was the beginning of March.

It  lasted  only a few hours, just the time to freeze the moment in some photographs, then it started to rain…and the snow disappeared and it all came back to normal  .









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