What if…?

DSC_1754-01Maybe I sometimes think too much. I let the fear of being judged ,the fear of not being enough  and all my insecurities take control. I let the voices in my head say what  I should  or shouldn’t do,I let them stop me from  doing what I want to , I let them stop me from saying what’s in my mind,what’s going on in my heart.
Maybe I sometimes don’t think enough. I let the words flow from my mouth and say things that I’d never say or mean. I hate it ! I let my voice shake ,I let my tears fall,when all I want is to be heard, to be understood.
I know,we can’t actually control everything.
I know eventually things  go as they have to. They always do!
I know I should let it go.
What if it’s all about the right timing?
What if no one was wrong?
What if…?



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