I am …Purple

DSCF8877-02Purple has been my favourite color since I was in middle school,I’ve always found it fascinating .
It is made by combining two primary colors:red(the color of blood and fire,love,passion,desire,sensibility,romance,excitement) and blue (it represents the sky and the sea and it’s often associated with freedom,empathy,intuition,inspiration,trust,loyalty and cold) .
This color combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Throughout history it was the color of royalty ,it represents power,peace,mistery and independence.Purple roses are symbol  of love at first sight.
On one hand it can boost creativity  and imagination,on other hand it can cause moodiness.
If I have to describe my personality through colors  I can say that I am Blue,I am calm,empathic,always looking for inspiration,trust and loyalty and I am cold, but I am also Red as fire and passion. I love adrenaline,adventure and I’m a hopeless romantic. When I get angry(it doesn’t happen very often because my grade of tolerance is quite high ) I become a volcano but then I become calm water again. So…using just one color I can say that I am Purple.


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