My American dream

I was in 8th grade when  my Italian teacher asked us to write about where we want to be in 10 years. I wrote that I would like  to go to the USA and visit New York.  I also remember the last day of middle school : it was right before my final exam ,my... Continue Reading →

Wave after wave…

It is so cold outside that the only thing you want to do is stay at home but you know you can't do it forever so you get up like someone is pushing you, get dressed and go out. Thirty minutes later you are on an empty beach,the sun is setting and the sea...oh, it... Continue Reading →

Banana and mango milkshake

Yellow,orange,brown,these are the autumn colours , so I decided to put them all together and make a delicius and healthy banana and mango milkshake. In case you dindn't know, I love milkshakes and I love making them by myself and I really like this one! This is what you need for this banana and mango milkshake... Continue Reading →

Strawberry milkshake

Summer days are coming ,so there is  something you can prepare for you and  your friends when they come over and you're thirsty. I wanted to share with you one  of my favourite  drinks, very easy and ,in my opinion, very tasty,something I usually drink in the morning  or in the afternoon or  whenever I... Continue Reading →

Blue sky,sea,me

 No umbrellas on the beach, no suffocating weather,no crowded place,the beach is almost empty,there are only a few people around: a family spending some time together,two lovers  smiling and chasing each other and a little girl playing with her dad giggling while he throws her in the air . Everyone looks so happy, you can... Continue Reading →

White morning

It was the first day of March and I thought winter was already gone,I was waiting for spring to come.When I woke up  I couldn't believe my eyes: everything was covered by a beautiful white coat of snow,the whole city was covored in white. I suddenly felt like I was five  years old  again waking... Continue Reading →

Dare to be different!

We're living in a world where everybody is more and more connected to others by technology. Everyone tries to follow trends,everybody focus on capturing every moment instead of living it,everyone tries to show their apparently"perfect" life on social media ,but do you really believe in perfection? Do you really think all the pictures you see... Continue Reading →

What if…?

Maybe I sometimes think too much. I let the fear of being judged ,the fear of not being enough  and all my insecurities take control. I let the voices in my head say what  I should  or shouldn't do,I let them stop me from  doing what I want to , I let them stop me... Continue Reading →

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